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This year, 2018, we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of world’s all time best selling solo artist Garth Brooks.
This resulted in a resurrection of the Garth Brooks phenomenon in Europe where Garth has always been close to the hearts of his many fans. As a result of this “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, celebrating 30 years Garth Brooks, was born. Jeroen Welsh has always been recognized as one of the best Garth Brooks lookalike’s and soundalike’s in Europe during his performances with his former live band. With his former band member and backing vocalist – Aldwin van der Voort they decided to launch a Garth Brooks tribute show.
Since Garth Brooks is also married to the very famous singer- Trisha Yearwood, it offered an extra argument for a great show, in which the exceptional duets with Garth and Trisha are fantastically represented. The role of Trisha Yearwood will be played by lookalike and soundalike- Jane Lammers, who will also perform some very famous Trisha solo hits during this show.

This unique world-famous duo deserves such a podium in honor of their years of great successes!The show consists of a live 8 piece band made up of some of the best musicians around, to replicate the completely live and exciting show that Garth himself is renowned for.

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” – The Ultimate Garth Brooks Experience will be performing in venues across Europe starting 2019.

At “If Tomorrow Never Comes” live, you can expect to hear all the greatest hits of American country-music legend Garth Brooks who rose to fame worldwide in the 1990’s with his own brand of country music which spawned such classic songs as “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, “Friends In Low Places”, “Ain’t Goin’ Down”, “Much Too Young” including a number of famous songs that influenced him during his career such as “Midnight In Georgia”, “Addicted To Love”, romantic duets with Trisha; “In Another’s Eyes”, “Where Your Road Leads” and many more.

Garth Brooks

(Jeroen Welsh)

Trisha Yearwood

(Jane Lammers)

8 Piece Troyal Band

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